Help finding an old module

This is a bit of a long shot, but in case anyones knows it, I remeber playing a module where both allied NPCs and enemy “boss” NPC’s constantly spawned units that marched against one another and the players job was to kill their way to the boss enemies and take them out.

When you did more powerful bosses would start spawning harder enemies further away and you had to do this a few times before you could reach and kill the final boss.

You could also gather resources and do little quests for the friendly NPC’s which would allow them to upgrade their units and if you wern’t careful the enemy forces would overrun and kill you spawning allies.

I thought it was called something like “The battle of Forgotten Fields” or somesuch, but I can’t find it anywhere so I might be wrong about that. If anyone else every played it please speak up so i know I’m not mad.

This one, maybe?

Sadly not that one.
To describe it a bit better, you started in a large cave with multiple NPC vendors and such, outside was a series of zones with the nearest zones containing NPC’s that spawned allied minions and farther zones containing enemy npc’s that spawned enemy minions, a bit like Alterac valley from WoW.

You could also gather resources to hand into certain npc’s to upgrade the minions your side was creating. When you killed an enemy “boss” passages opened for you to move further onwards, where harder bosses then appeared and started spawning harder enemies. You lost if the npc’s in the cave were killed and won if you fought to last enemy boss and killed them.

Now, I played this mod quite a few times but I’ve never been able to re-locate it. I just hope there’s someone out there who experienced it as well, so if anyone has any clues that’d be great!.

Long shot, but perhaps “good vs evil”?