Help! Game keeps crashing and freezing my WHOLE COMPUTER when (I believe) expansion Robes appear

Hi everyone hope everyone’s having a Merry Christmas and happy holidays

My copy of NWN:EE has been crashing repeatedly since I got it installed. First it crashed multiple times in character creation when I was changing my character’s Outfit, then it crashed in NWN:Kingmaker Module when the second area loaded, THEN it crashed when I got to the center of the combat tutorial area in the Prologue of the vanilla campaign. And finally it crashed when I tried to place a Drow Warrior or when I tried to create a custom outfit in the aurora creation kit.

Everything else runs completely smoothly and perfectly. There are NO other issues. But when the crash triggers it freezes my whole computer. The mouse freezes and I can’t even Ctrl-Alt-Delete. I basically had to directly turn the computer off at the power button multiple times which I really don’t like doing.

From what I can surmise, every time the game has done this crash/freeze it has involved the new “robes” from the Expansions which IIRC replaced the old clothing even in the vanilla game. I could customise the character fine until I came across a dress or robe, and the game froze. When I tried making a custom outfit in aurora, I think the game froze when the preview landed on a dress or robe. I don’t know what the Drow Warrior was wearing but he made the game crash too. And the fact that the tutorial specifically crashed when I ran into a specific part of the combat tutorial room in the Neverwinter Academy implies a model loaded which was wearing one of the armours (expac robes, dresses, other???) and that broke something.

Has anyone had the same issue and does anyone have a fix for this??? The game otherwise runs COMPLETELY fine but this one computer crashing bug makes it unplayable.

It would help to know the following -

  1. Operating System
  2. Processor
  3. Graphics Card

As these can affect determining what your problem is.


The OS is Windows 10

The processor is two intel core duo T6600

The Graphics Card is ATI Radeon HD 4500

I have it on fast settings and the game works smoothly, but when the robes appear (and when I change certain items in inventory I’ve learned?), and maybe some other events, the game suddenly freezes the whole computer and I need to force it to shut down.

This Microsoft help page may just be of use.

Also I remember from quite a while ago now that the Radeon drivers stopped supporting the full set of OpenGL instructions. It is possible that may be the problem.