Help getting started with NeverBlender/Modelling in NWN1

Hey everyone, I’ve been tooling around with Blender for other purposes and recently I’ve had a desire to try and create some assets for NWN1:EE. I’ve already run into my first issue, I’m having trouble importing files with NeverBlender at all. So currently I have;

  • Blender 2.83
  • NeverBlender 2.8
  • NWN Explorer Reborn

I exported a couple of test models, a_halforc and c_boar.mdl.

I’ve installed the NeverBlender 2.8 plugin correctly and enabled it.

I go to Import > Import Aurora mdl > Import one of the two

Nothing appears… I’ve tried restarting Blender, reinstalling the plugin, exporting different .mdls… I’m not really sure why it is not importing into Blender.

I’m certain I’ll have more questions about the workflow but this first step would be a good start. I’ve browsed some tutorials, but many of them are out of date, and I haven’t seen any of them address or have the same importing issue.

Thanks for any help…

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I believe the current version of NeverBlender only supports 2.82 at the moment? edit: Don’t mind me, I didn’t realise it was updated! Time for me to upgrade I guess! The steps you describe seem okay, going to see what happens on my end.

Ah, something simple just occured to me!

NeverBlender only supports ASCII MDL files, make sure when you’re doing the export you save the ASCII format of the model!


This worked, thank you very much! I will revisit this topic as I’m sure I’ll have more questions as I experiment