Help! Looking for a PC face!

Hey all!

This may be a little rude but, I was wondering if someone might help me. I am new to the game and was creating my character, I found a face I really like and was frustrated to see I couldn’t change the hair type (a scarred face that is bald with a top knot, face “25” I think…)!

I really liked this face but wanted to put short scruffy hair on it. I mean, there was no hair I saw like that in the game but… Maybe head 1, the default guys hair would work?

Anyways, does this send off any flags for anyone? Is there a head that stands out to you and says, “that’s what this guy is looking for!” Would it be hard to just mod some short hair on the poor baldy? I don’t know the first thing about it.

I would really appreciate the help… Thanks!

All questions and comments are welcome here!

Just to be sure… are you talking about NWN1?

Heads are heads - there’s no separate hair model (though you can change the colour).

There are packs of custom heads which you can browse - is that what you mean?

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Yes sorry, it’s NWN1 I am talking about. Wondering if anyone knew if there was a custom head that fit my criteria. Preferably, actual head 25 but with short hair modded on to it.

I have looked though some head packs in NWNExploerer but haven’t found anything yet, just another head that was a bald dude with scars. Why are all the scarred warriors bald? Haha!

pgcface25 this is the face 25 i keep talking about.

If you can wait for a week or two, I can slap some hair on that head.

Otherwise, you could take a look at the existing heads packs on the Vault, see if there’s something in them for you. :slight_smile:

Some packs that contain at least some heads that I’d think would fit the criteria:

If you see a head whose mesh and overall design is a perfect match, but just doesn’t have scars, then be aware that drawing some scars onto a texture is much faster than mesh edits. Let me know if you’d like to learn how to edit heads yourself.

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Hey TheBarbarian, thank you for the resources I will definitely go through the listed packs.

I certainly don’t mind waiting if you would give the poor guy some hair, i’m in no rush. Thanks so much for the offer!

In the mean time I will look at the face packs you recommended :smile:


HM25 with the hair of HM01-delivery. :+1:



Thanks so much The Barbarian! Looks great :smiley: