Help me find a model!

Hi! I use a localized version of the game to better navigate the editor’s software environment. But all file names are also localized and it is difficult for me to find the necessary models of standard files. Help me find the name of this object, please!

This is an unusual object because it has animation during use. I want to learn how to make such models for my project :slight_smile:

The model name is plc_x0_wds.mdl

I don’t know much about localisation, but I wonder whether you could find the model name by looking up the local description in placeables.2da?

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In this file, all the names are abbreviated, I don’t know enough English to try to understand which line refers to a specific object. Thanks!

In placeables.2da, you see that the third column contains numeric values. They are references to strings stored in dialog.tlk
So, if you open dialog.tlk (with TlkEdit for example), just look up for the name or description of the item, that will give you the line matching the string you entered and thus you’ll get the strref value.
From this strref value, you’ll find the name of the model you’re looking for.

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The first column in the placeables.2da is the label. This is usually used in the toolset for the appearance type like so -


So the label to look for should be the one I’ve underlined. If you have trouble finding it you can always search for the model name that @Proleric has supplied you with. Either way that should give you the line in the 2da you are looking for.


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Actually, looking at the screenshots, it’s more complicated than that for the localised file.

Looks like you have to search the local .tlk for the string that appears in the toolset appearance to obtain the strref number, then search placeables.2da for the strref to identify the model name.

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I just installed another English pirated version of the game, but I bought the game in steam :slight_smile: