Help me find the model name of this door?


Help me find the model name of this door?
I tried to find it in doortypes.2da, but not found. Help me find it! Thanks!

That does not look like a standard door. Have you got any haks in the module that may have a doortypes.2da in them?


I checked, I don’t have any custom doors at all. In the dialog. tlk file, there is a string with the model name Strong Metal Door, its stringref 111928, but like you, I did not find such a string in doortypes.2da.

It’s a standard resource, so it’s probably somewhere down there in the bif strata.

Please help me find this door!

In the XP3.BIF under MODELS


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Thank you, bro! Now I will continue working on my module! :blush:

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FYI, generic doors such as that will be found in genericdoors.2da.

Doortypes.2da lists tileset specific doors.

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Okay, now I know

…and knowing is half the battle!

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