[HELP] Need Script Help

I need help preventing one of my bosses from being able to leave an area via transition. The module is setup - using the X2 switch - so that monsters can use transition doors and I do NOT want to completely disable this feature. What’s the best way to keep this boss confined to the area he spawns in?

By default, every door transition calls nw_g0_transition.

So you can tweak that to stop the transition if the traveller is that boss.

Or you can use a custom script for that transition that executes nw_g0_transition for any other traveller.

As I have a lot of conditional transitions, I find it convenient to use the version of nw_g0_transition bundled in my Travel Builder pack. That creates an OnTransitionClick pseudo-event, so that you can put all the custom code in a user exit script without having to hack the Bioware code every time. In hindsight, it might be better to write your own user exit, as mine is a bit clumsy,

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Many thanks. I went with an alternate AreaTransitionClick script as was your 2nd suggestion.