Help on making a modern moving car

Hello guys! I´m working on my modern module and I´d like to have a placeable car that runs over a premade path to use it on my city. I have tried to make it myself, by using that Animation path tutorial video by Old Time Radio, and using a D20 car model, but I did something wrong, and it don´t worked out. So… here is the idea…To get two D20 car mdl´s and to add an animation to each one, so it would run on the streets like a crazy one! :wink: (I believe that a 10x12 path and another one 2x20, being both rectangular paths, would be very good). It would have to work exactly as the cyberglum´s Flying Speeders, but using a modern car model instead of a landspeeder. So if is there anybody out there that can give me a hand with it, I´ll be really grateful.

( Really sorry about any mispelling, I´m not a native english speaker):worried:

If you’re using the latest D20 modern haks, there’s already a few animated vehicle creature models you could use. If you don’t see vehicles listed in your palette, you should be able to create a custom creature with a vehicle appearance.