Help planning and building lightweight forge

Sorry but that doesn’t make a sense. Can you explain the problem with “resources”?

Scripting packages do not require builder to use hak packs. Exceptions are extremely rare and they mention that in description.

As for resources, one-script forge approach will be always reliant on custom “enchanting” items you need to combine with other items. That means that you will end up with 50+ such items and items ARE resources. So you won’t save anything.

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From what I know, the server has in and around 50ish resources available.

So adding the forge via one script would remain resource friendly no?

The hak pack comment is not in regards to others content requiring its use, but more so that the server would like to avoid using hacks all together.

In regards to the item required to use the forge it will be one item granted via enemy killed and its value will be determined based on cr among other things if possible.

aaah I see what you mean now

if you are a no-hak PW with close to 16k resources in module then that is indeed a problem

For this reusing the HotU forge could be best solution, as I said, one-script-based forge will require to have multiple new items which will act as enhancers. And items are resources, unless you are satisfied with 5-10 different itemproperties this solution won’t be much better than conversation based forges.

I am not 100% sure of this as I never had this issue myself and didn’t heard about anyone dealing with this without haks, but maybe you can avoid resource limit by moving files from your module into override or hak that will be used as a patch-hak.This way your server will still remain hak-free.

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Yeh that’s the problem right now.
I’d like to get a forge going for us and keep the resources as low as possible to get it in.

I’ll talk to the main Dev and see what he thinks.

As of right now I’m noticing there’s functions I cant call on if the script is running in certain events.
I’m asking the object to listen and react in the script but it will not.
Due to it being in the on disturb event right?

I’m gonna grab the hotu forge in the toolset and look at it. Maybe I can create something out of that.

Thank you again @Shadooow

You can add your string in there too, this is the same thing:

ActionSpeakString(“You placed your " + sForging + " in the forge.”);

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