Help Please - Blender vs CleanModels EE - Fight!

As some of you will know (see theBlender: Is Someone Willing to Help? thread), I am currently in the process of converting a bunch of Public Domain models to work in NwN EE (most have PBR maps). All seemed to be going smoothly until I tried to test a model that works fine in the toolset but actually crashes the game. By trial and error I have managed to isolate which particular model is causing this (I test in batches of about 5). This is the model and pwk that causes it -

yh_pallet_v2.7z (5.5 KB)

So no problem I thought, I’ll just run it through CleanModels (I’ve seen loads of praise for previous versions) and use the version for EE. Oh fun and games. CleanModels refuses to attempt to work with that model. It complains that filename.001 doesn’t belong in the model. Thing is blender creates the .001 and all other models with it inside them work fine. FWIW CleanModels EE also warns me about the bitmap’s filename because I use the same name as for the model. It says it’s highly unlikely to be correct. Annoying, as with the number of models I am converting it is the easiest way I know of keeping track of which textures belong to which models and there is no way to switch that particular check off in CleanModels EE.

So anyone, got an idea of how to find and fix the problem that causes the game but not the toolset to crash when this model is involved?



Are you using a compiled version of the model in the game? If so, try a decompiled ascii version.

As for the Blender questions, I can’t help you. I use Gmax and NWgmax.

Currently I only use uncompiled versions as I’ve got into the habit due to PBR models (previously?) only working with them.

Thanks for the suggestion. No problem for now anyway, I’ll just skip over this particular model while I carry on with the rest of them.


Found the issue - I had to take off the internal .001 to get CM3 to check it.

yh_pallet_v2.mdl loaded.
*** Error *** duplicate model base
*** Error *** model base node is not of type dummy
duplicate node yh_pallet_v2 renumbered as yh_pallet_v1
tverts snapped to 1/512
tverts welded in [yh_pallet_v1]
Fixes made = 2405
*** Cannot output model - too buggy ***

Side-note, if the internal mdl name is different than the filename, the engine doesn’t like it. They’ll still work but the mdl error log will contain hits on every mdl file setup like this.

Thanks for that. I’ll leave it for now but probably take a look at the original obj file it is converted from later now that I know that obj files are apparently just plain text.


You may need to tick the “Remove Trailing Numbers” checkbox in the Export Screen, when exporting mdls. Blender requires unique objects names and will append number, when attempting to give an object the same name as another one.

Thanks. I’ll do that.