Help to use a downloaded script

Hello everyone ,

I downloaded a script (.erf) but I don’t know how to use it in my module. Is there a specific file where I should put it, or shall I rename it ?

Thanks for your support

You are talking to probably the second least knowledgeable person about scripting on the Vault and someone more informed will be along soon. However I can save them the trouble of asking you to

  1. tell us what the script is trying to do and
  2. Posting the script ( c/p) it here.

The relevant question is actually are you on the Enhanced Edition of NwN or an earlier version as this will affect where it needs to go. Also are you on a desktop, a console or android?


In the folder which contains your user subfolders (saves, logs and so on) make a subfolder called erf (if it doesn’t already exist).

In the toolset, File > Import. Choose your erf file from the list. The script or scripts contained within the erf will appear in your module. They will probably have different names from the erf.

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Thanks for your answers,
In fact I managed to simply open the file and copy-paste it directly into the script editor. But as it was downloaded on a french website it doesn’t seem to work properly. Let’s say that it was just a script to make a npc singing sentences.
My version of the game is uk 1.69 with the two extentions on pc, but since I’m french and barely know how to script it is a bit difficult for me :grin:

I used to play online fifteen years ago but I lost the original version. The one I purchased two months ago was in english, unfortunately. Maybe wiil I buy the EE version on steam in a future day…

For a system that handles (silent) singing, that on 1.69 only involves copying and pasting the scripts into the script editor (I created it on EE but it doesn’t use any EE specific scripts), you might want to take a look at my AllTalk system.


Okay, will try