HELP: Weapon overrides


I just need help with this issue. I do not know how to fix.

I downloaded the CEP 2.67 and my weapons took on this new look where the weapons are shiny. Pstemarie said it was due to TADs weapons override. I can’t seem to get a hold of Pstemarie who has helped me lots…he won’t reply…so don’t know if something happened to him or he is taking a break from the community. I looked on the vault and found the weapons override and looked at the stuff for the weapons…but I can’t seem to see the same naming conventions to find in my haks to pull the effected weapons that are now currently overriding my weapons.

I like some of the new weapon looks, arrows (except on drop you no longer get the quiver - which i think is better than the one arrow that drops down on the ground)…I love the new slings and bullets, crossbows, etc…but I do not like the swords, hammers, halberds (some), etc…I wish I could pick and choose but I do not know which weapons are which (mdls, tgas/dds)…to take out…sigh I want to revert back to the what I had as I think I might screw stuff up if I start pulling parts here and there…anyone know what I need to take out that overrode all my weapons?

A long time ago I downloaded this club model I thought was cool…a long time ago when models were not so good. This club with spikes. This has been my normal bioware club model all this time…and I hate it. Anyone know the mdl name for the basic bioware mdl for the club. I overwrote this and I want the default mdl back or a better one.

The Custom Content Guide section on weapons explains the naming convention (see also baseitems.2da for the prefixes used by weapon type).

Assuming you’re sharing your work with other players, rather than edit CEP, it would be better to override CEP with the original NWN models via your top hak.

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Thanks Proleric

H Proleric

I came back to this because it hasn’t been resolved as of yet. I took your advice above and downloaded the “Custom Content Guide” pdf I found on the vault here. I was hoping to get a list of the weapon model names so I knew what the mdl name was for the “club”. I must have downloaded a base club override that screws up the club mdl in the above pic of the giant holding this horrible looking club with crappy spikes. I found nothing there that would help me other than I know the mdls start with “w” for weapons. I went through my mdls in my haks I see nothing that hints at being a club.mdl

Do you happen to just now what the base vanilla club model is called so I can remove this atrocity from my haks please.


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