Help with 1.71 patch

I understand this is an old game, but I’ve been reintroduced to it and am trying to figure out this new patch.
I’ll tell you how my curiosity got started. I installed the nwn1 diamond edition and started playing it again. I found these sites online and started looking up custom content and also character builds. Now I’m looking to add new stuff if it is possible at all.
I only play single player offline. What I was hoping to do was to be able to create or download a feat for weapon focus (maul) and then the others that go with it like improved critical maul and epic weapon focus maul.
Ther problem is I have no clue how to make feats. I have been searching and googling for days and still haven’t found anything to say how to do it. Would really appreciate any help.

The other thing I would to do is remove the level cap. I’ve read a few posts that mentioned this in small detail. I didn’t see if the question was ever answered or not. The thread turned into an argument and instead of anyone mentioning if it could be done, they only kept asking, “why would you want that”… I will tell you why I would love to do this. I play to build the character and would love to be able to use the same character over and over again just to add more levels.
I don’t care that it only adds hp or whatever the other arguments are. lol. thank you for any answers

You need NWNCX and nwncx_patch plugin and run nwn via it. I am not sure whether is it part of 1.71 already, there is 1.72 unofficial patch that has it. But it does not contain NWNCX package due to the “copyright” reasons so you need to obtain that elsewhere first.

All in all, the vanilla nwn is kind of unsupported by the community as almost everyone moved to NWN:EE which in the latest development patch also brings this feature.

And you don’t need to create a new feat, you can do what I did on my PW Arkalia - set it so that weapon feats for warhammer will influence maul as well.

Thank you Shadooow,

I’m currently using the nit installer tool that manages all of the mods for me. Am I not going to be able to use this anymore? I mean if i have to open with the nwncx plug in?

NIT is definitely able to run NWNCX, but I don’t know details. We need @Surazal

I followed the link that you gave and then downloaded the link. I unpacked it then copy pasted everything into main file folder for neverwinter. I cannot for the life of me figure out what is nex now. I appreciate you for taking the time to give advice on this Shadooow.

The 2 things I’m really trying to do is one use maul with feats and two remove level cap if possible. I would be happy to just get one of them to work. Could you tell me how you went about making warhammer focus effect maul?

@Armpit. You can use NIT to manage NWNCX. See Help ›› Work with Mods ›› Surazal’s Mod notes ›› Neverwinter Nights Client Extender (NWNCX).

Let me know if you need additional guidance.

Hi and thank you for responding. I’m currently looking over your mod notes. And trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong here. I will respond in a little while if I’m still having trouble. thanks

Hi again. I went thru the help topics in the nit program but I’m still having the same issues. I don’t know how to make feats, or make a feat accept a different weapon type. for instance making weapon focus warhammer, acept mauls as well. Oh and if there is a way to remove level cap, how would I go about it?

I was thinking why didn’t the creators of the mauls just simply call them “warhammers” under basic? They could have put in the title or description of the weapon that it is a maul. And also the stats still reflect a maul… not sure if that would work.

Well first of all you need 1.72. That should contain nwncx_patch plugin. And then you need to modify weaponfeats.2da.

This was never really intented for players as it involves 2da modifying, where which file goes and more stuff which I cannot explain you now. It was intented for builders but unfortunately builders had no interest in my features because it requires CPP so there are no packages (except spellbooks for Black Guard and Assassin) that would utilize my work…

I might modify and send you the weaponfeats.2da later, but you need to get the nwncx_patch.dll first and I am not sure where are the links at all. Stopped working on it after EE came and forbidden working on this any longer…

Hi Shadooow I’m using the diamond collection the 1.69 version of the game. I was under the impression that the 1.72 was for the enhanced edition?

This was the website where i got the patch i believe. I was up all night racking my brains trying to figure this out.

Oh and I’m following you now, you and surazal. I have noticed that you have said this a couple of times. That for some reason you are forbidden to add new content or something? Why would anyone want to cut you out? You’re obviously very smart about the game. Know what you’re doing and friendly and willing to help.

1.72 was created before Enhanced came. And so there are two versions of the community patch 1.72 one for vanilla nwn and one for diamond. Again, I don’t have to link, I would have to search around my projects and read what is what and then post you the link - which you can do as well :wink:

NWN:EE kind of disallowed client-type modifications from security reasons. And the best features I ever did for NWN required client modifications. We can still do server modifications at least but the loss of client modification features still bothers me…

Will it say it is for vanilla? The only downloads for 1.72 i have found say they are for EE

on the page you linked second link in Attachments section

Hi mate,
Okay all installed. Opened the game to confirm it now says v1.72 on title page. Now what do i do? :stuck_out_tongue:

Put this file into override after you unpack it.

and make sure you run game via NWNCX and that nwncx_patch is in NWN root folder

assuming you use CEP this should make warhammer work for maul along with other changes (kama -> sap, katana -> falchion etc.) - it is from my PW Arkhalia

Hi again, Okay I put the file into override folder. i can see a nwncx_patch.dll in root folder. i can’t find nwncx to run the game and when i load the game, ive tried a few times now, made new toon and verified that the feat weaponfocus(warhammer) is not working with the maul still. i tested by using a regular warhammer and a regular maul. the warhammer adds a plus 1 but the maul does not

Hi again,
After struggling with it all day, I decided to run the 1.69 critical rebuild and then reinstall the 1.72 patch link you pointed out. Still no luck getting the warhmmer feat to recognize mauls.