Help with 1.71 patch

you need to run the game via NWNCX (or NIT with NWNCX applied) this was the first thing I said in this topic

yes i know. but i dont hve a “nwncx” What i do have is nwncx_patch.dll

I do not know if I have the right one yet or not. I’ve been clicking on them and trying to follow the directions but im not getting anywhere.

I apologize if I’m frustrating you. I will stop bothering you if that’s the case.

nwncx_loader.exe is it

you need to run this, or make NIT run it, then it should work

@Armpit, to start NWN through NIT you will need to patch your nwmain.exe to attach NWNCX automatically when you run the game as is described in the NWNCX Read Me.

it’s not nwncx_loader.exe it is just nwncx_loader thats it. no .exe… i have tried clicking that and it does nothing .

I’ve tried to follow those directions. I’ve ran 1.69 critical build to start over even and i cant figure out how to patch it? I’ve ran the vpatchprompt.exe and it does not prompt for the programs as stated in the help file. I tried renaming my nwmain.exe by hand to nwncx and still it only launches the game without the maul being recognized by the feat warhammer. i made new characters each time i tried just to be sure. then opened a game in the pretty good character builder mod. I’m at a loss of what to do . I’m nowhere near a programmer. I’m just a noob to trying this stuff.

Thanks for trying @Shadooow and @Surazal. I’m just too dim witted with this stuff. I’ll play it the way it is for now. And tinker with it again some other time. Thank you again guys, you’re awesome.

@shadooow @surazal hey guys just a quick update. not sure how i did it but i finlly got the feat to recognize the maul. but i can’t seem to take the maul into the campaigns. i tried making a toon. made warhammer his chosen weapon. bought a maul then went into prelude cmpaign and the maul didnt follow. i ued the “pretty good character builder” mod

That is because the maul is not part of the vanilla NWN but CEP. You would need to modify NWN OCs to include CEP to be able to use maul there.

Which again was never meant to be done by players in first place…

@shadooow okay so the maul cannot be used in single player mode? Where would it be usable? multiplayer? or coud i possibly use it in the premium mods?

From the begining of this post I mentioned I was trying to use this custom stuff for single player mode. So there is no way for this to happen without rewriting all of the official campaigns?