Help With EE Oddity Requested


The current stable release of NwN EE.


The LOK Dungeon (ctp_dungeon_lok.hak), part of the Community Tileset Project.

What I did:

Basically I extracted the textures from the hack, added “fancy maps” maps to all but 2 (just coloured, no markings) of them and put them into a new hak that is placed above the original hak. While this appeared to work well some of the textures needed to be adjusted (mostly darken/lighten). It is now looking quite good apart from one oddity I don’t understand. Two of the tiles of the LOK Dungeon have free standing jail cells in them. These are 10x10 metres in size with bars all around and a barred gate/door.Now here is the oddity. When first opened in the toolset these “cages” look like this -

As you can see, for some reason the gate is totally black. Yet when I open the properties for the gate -

The preview window shows the gate correctly coloured. Then when I close the properties window -

the gate appears coloured correctly even if slightly dark. So I save at this point. However in game -

the gate is still black! For reference here is how the gate looks in game using just the original hak -

which doesn’t suffer from this problem. Also for reference here are the contents of a typical materials file used -

renderhint NormalAndSpecMapped
texture0 tcdl0_wallgen_d 
texture1 tcdl0_wallgen_n
texture2 tcdl0_wallgen_s
texture3 null
texture4 tcdl0_wallgen_h
texture5 null

So anyone got any ideas? Is this a bug in EE? Any help gratefully accepted.


This is most likely the same issue as this one:

Notice my reply further down - basically, models need to be uncompiled (and potentially recompiled using the within the game commands) to support these maps.

I’m hoping we can remove that requirement at some point, but for now, I’m afraid there’s no way around it.

Anyway, let me know if that solves it!

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Thank you for the reply. Will investigate.