Help with ItemPropertyDamageReduction, i can't make it work

Hi, i have been trying to add some damage reductions to a full plate armor via script but i can’t make it work. I need to do it via script since is a DR that change with the caster level when you call it only.

Here is the code:

object oChest = GetItemInSlot(INVENTORY_SLOT_CHEST);

itemproperty iprpDR = ItemPropertyDamageReduction(3,GMATERIAL_METAL_ADAMANTINE,0,DR_TYPE_GMATERIAL);

unfortunately ItemPropertyDamageReduction() can’t be scripted. bugged

It must be toolsetted onto items.

Perhaps make a line (or lines) of several items in the toolset (that is, a series of teirs/ranks of the same item) then destroy and create them ingame.

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Thanks for the reply, i was thinking to do it via mod_def_equip and mod_def_unequip and use the damage reduction effect instead.

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yep effect is okay  :)