Help with Sailing Ships HAK NWN1

I’d love to play around with this fun looking HAK but I can’t find the placeables.
in the custom content. Where do the ascii files get extracted to? They’re both mdl. files.
Thanks in advance!

Maybe there are just no blueprints for the placeables. Place any placeable and have a look, if you can give it the appearance of a ship in the properties-menu of it.

If we’re talking about this hak, it’s a very nice addition to 1.69, but, because it relies on animations in the placeable models, you can’t easily adjust the speed or duration of travel. Another consequence is that the models are very large (not necessarily a problem, but…).

in EE it’s much easier to use SetObjectVisualTransform() with a regular placeable, which gives you complete control.

There are animation-free versions of the carrack and caravel.

In all cases, you need to make a top hak (or, for personal use only, override). Starting from the latest placeables.2da, add the new lines provided for the custom ships. Include the models and textures, too. Then you can change the appearance of any placeable, as @Mmat says, if there are no templates.

Thanks Mmat and Proleric for your responses. Sorry for the delay in my response as I’ve been battling
covid for the past 10 days. On the mend now. Thanks for your responses.