Help with The Wizard's Apprentice Chapter II?

I fear I’m stuck and I don’t know where to ask for help …

In the Deepfrost, after finding all the things for the spirits, I go down the alley below the spiderweb and find a hole in the ground, and it says I’m too big to fit through, if only I could find a way to make myself smaller. And I think I know what the solution would have been - casting Reduce Person on myself. The thing is, I don’t have that spell in my spellbook and I don’t see any item in my possession that could do it either. I briefly thought about going back to the Elkdancer camp to buy a scroll or something, but then I realized, the area I’m in is a one-way street, the way I came from is blocked … :frowning_face:

Maybe there is a potion lying around somewhere hidden that you have to find.

Never mind, it seems it was just something optional. I overlooked the real exit high on the hill. I’ve already unlocked the camera to twice it’s original zooming distance and still can’t see far enough. :laughing:


Damn, and now I realize I would have had the means to enter the hole after all. I was missing Reduce Person (1), but I had Reduce Person, Mass (4), which for some reason, I also overlooked. :see_no_evil:


But it seems that wasn’t the solution after all, which is disappointing … I reloaded an old savegame and cast Mass Reduce Person on the party so that we would fit through and the dialogue still said I should shrink myself. Not sure if it was because of the fourth party member who did not shrink since it was not a person (but am I really meant to get rid of it because of that? I don’t think so, and I wouldn’t know how, either).

I’ve completed the module now, but I’m still curious, so if anyone familiar with the solution ever happens to stumble upon this thread, let me know! :innocent:

Maybe the dialogue is looking for the reduce person spell but not the mass reduce person spell? They have different spell IDs, and the author might not have checked for your clever alternative.

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Ah, ok. That makes sense, I guess.