Help with turning buildings from Zwerkules' ArabianNights tileset to placeables

Will somebody help with fixing the beautiful buildings from Zwerkules’ Arabian Nights tileset to use as placeables?
I’ve noticed that the CEP contains buildings that have been ripped from tilesets and turned into placeables. I tried it myself but I ran into this problem:

The PC jumps up into the air probably because of something to do with the walkable setting in the model file. These are the files I was trying to use:
I have extracted them already and can send them to anybody who is interested.
I’m sorry Zwerkules; the tileset is beautiful but very difficult to build with. I’m very interested in using the buildings as placeables randomly in the generic desert tileset or even in the CTP Babylon tileset.

  • Pick one building you want to start with
  • put them in a zip and just drop them here

I’ll see what I can do

Thank you, this is one of my favorites: (34.3 KB)

These are all of the ones that I want; (they are all buildings; the huge mosque is not included): (1.5 MB)

After opening your models, I see what went wrong.
Here are the edited placeable building files: I tested it. It’s awesome!
sh_placeable (28.4 KB)

Here is a screenshot: (Realtor not included :smiley: You can build your own, I uploaded the head and outfit sometime ago)


  • Open model
  • Set the model to Character and not Tile
  • Go to top view and delete the “ground01” model. ( I love how @Zwerkules makes this so easy)
  • Still on top view and delete the “walkmesh” model.
  • Check all views and delete every stray object not part of the model.
  • Rename. Export/Save and then close
  • Open the folder where you saved it and delete the wok files
  • Copy my sample .pwk file and paste on paste in the folder with the object. Rename with your model’s name (now you should have Rename.mdl and Rename.pwk on the same folder)
  • Open the model again. this time you shuld see the .pwk files.
    edit the part named “nowalkarea” (its just a flat plane rectangle) by moving the edges in line with your building’s walls. Anything inside the rectangle is unwalkable (hence the name :smiley: )
  • Export/save and add to your hak (don’t forget to edit the name on your placeables.2DA)
  • Play with your new building placeable.

Screenshots to follow…


Here are some screenshots. If something confuses you, let me know and I will try to explain it.


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What program did you use? Thank you.
Your directions are very precise. I only have blender and i think you’re using something else or I’m too much of a noob.
UPDATE: More help for noobs like me can be found here:

I’m using something even worse… gmax, very old. :smiley:

Try using the sample I made.

All of the instructions should work about the same. You can still go top view and click-select then delete the ground01 and walkmesh.

I dont know where the Tile/Character selection is in Blender but it should be there too.
You probably need to select the Aurorabase

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I put your altered mdl in a hak and here is the result: looks perfect :slight_smile: :smiley:
(unfortunately the PC can’t climb to the roof via the ladder anymore which can be done in the tileset for this building)

That is not something you can do with placeables. That is what the .wok file is for.
But .wok files are tile specific, if you put it on a Tile-set placeable it makes things float way above the model and probably crash something at some point.

You can put actual doors on the placeables if you want, you don’t even need the doorways. Instructions here: Stonehammer's Doorways 2 | The Neverwinter Vault

Good to know. Thanks again.
I’ve already incorporated your doorways into my placeable hak recently and they are very useful! CTP Babylon with your doorway placed on a raised terrain to give the illusion that it’s a building:

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@Vivienne Well, there is a way to make a placeable and to be able to walk upwards (like onto a roof). This is bound to certain settings and most important: The sound (eg. footsteps) will be that of the tile. So if you have a stone floor and place a placable, which let’s you walk up onto the roof, that will work - soundwise. But if the tile floor is dust/sand, you’ll have the according sound when walking up to the roof.
For reference see here:


Thanks @BlackRider , Time to upgrade my placeables with this new information. I did not know this. Somebody tried it on a bed once but it looked odd.

Beds, Bridges, Buildings, Dead giant bodies… you just upgraded my placeable game :smiley:

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All very fascinating but I’m still stuck trying to navigate blender and follow all the steps described:

The directions are very precise but I’m a noob.
I installed the neverblender plugin; imported the .mdl; deleted the ‘ground01’ and some other things which i think were the ‘stray objects’ referred to; and am on the above step trying to deal with the .pwk settings which I don’t understand yet. I think blender created a .pwk automatically when I saved the .mdl…

If anyone is feeling adventurous and would like to do this, here is a zip with all the buildings I’m interested into turning into placeables:

@Stonehammer Well, it’s an intresting finding, but then pretty limited, because you’re bound to til positions and the sound will be that of a tile. Think of a bed on a stone floor. Upon climbing onto the bed, you’ll still hear stone foot steps. Might be easier to alter/add tiles! :smiley:
But with carefull planing…

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Since they are buildings, i think the footsteps’ sounds still sounding like stone or sand won’t matter so much in this case i think.

I’ve given up on this for the time being. If you or Stonehammer don’t mind completing the rest of the buildings for me I would greatly appreciate it. Especially with the ability to be able to climb on top of the ones that have ladders next to them.

Sorry, but I won’t find the air ATM. Need to finish my January CCC stuff and after that I want to get on with my DLA project, so it may be - one day - relased.

No worries :slightly_smiling_face: Good luck with your projects!

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