Help with walkmesh in prefab area

I feel a little embarrassed that I have to ask this but…I’ve only used prefab areas in my modules so far, but sometimes as you know you need to modify them a bit. One thing that eludes me though is an interior area where there are no visible walls between two tiles and yet the PC can’t walk from one tile to the other.

In other outdoor areas there have been no problem with this, you only just use “Terrain” and then paint terrain with “Walk”, but in every manual and tutorial about indoor areas I’ve found, they only talk about just baking the area and it will solve itself. So I thought, ok, I guess I just have to ask on the forums for this 'cause I can’t solve it. (The area is from Tank’s Prefab World). I’m sure there’s an easy sollution to this, I just haven’t found it. Here is how the area looks like, with the tiles that are “cut-off” from each other so to speak, and there are no visible walls here between them, and yet there seem to be some sort of invisible walls. How do make it so that one can walk from one to the other?

Thanks for your time!

If they are at the same level, you can lay down a Walkmesh Helper, found in 04 - MISC PROPS. You’ll need to resize it as needed.

It looks like you just need to bake the area. Anytime you change tiles, a rebake will be necessary. If you don’t, there’s a good chance that the walkmesh will appear to block your party from moving from one tile to the next. Or it’ll let you walk through walls, depending on the tiles you’ve changed.

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Hmmm. Weird. I thought I had already replaced that tile and baked the area (and it didn’t work then), but when I tried it again now, it worked.

(I tried with Walkmesh Helper first but I don’t know what that did exactly. Just a few red squares that also looked like red squares in game but didn’t do anything…)

Thanks for the help!

As Travus says, whenever you make a change I’d get in the habit of baking before you try it in game. The walkmesh helper needs a rebake to work as well.