Help would be appreciated. Item strip removal

Hi everyone, long time lurker, first time poster here. I’ve a need for help, so here goes: I once managed to remove the item strip script from “The Aielund Saga Act One: Nature Abhors a Vaccum”, and would like to do it again for my playthrough of the updated version that was released (relatively) recently. However, I do not remember how exactly I did it, because it was a long time ago, and I foolishly forgot to write down what I did.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi. :smiley:

First things first - open the toolset, load the module.

Then, there are three likely places to check:
1.) The module’s OnClientEnter event script
Edit -> Module Properties -> Events
2.) The starting area’s OnEnter event script
Right-click the area name, Properties -> Events.
3.) A floor trigger in the starting area (again, most likely the OnEnter event)

Open the event scripts, and check for “GetItemInSlot” or “GetFirstItemInInventory”, as well as “DestroyObject”, and maybe the inventory slot constants (INVENTORY_SLOT_*). If you find those, you’ll want to comment them out. Could be using ActionTakeItem too, if they’re not destroying the items, but rather storing them elsewhere.

This entire 
text block
is now commented
out in the code
and won't run.

// This single line is now comented out in the code and won't run.
This line is not commented out and will run.

Of course, :warning: if manually editing a module or installing incompatible overrides on top of it’s intended content results in problems, be sure not to blame the author for your troubles, and ensure that you inform them of any edits you have done and overrides you are using if you file a bug report :warning:.


Thanks a bunch, you filthy savage barbarian! :stuck_out_tongue: It seems to have worked! I’ll be sure to write down your guidance for next time!

(Also, calling you a filthy savage was a joke. Which is now ruined because I explained it, but better that than offending you!)

Thanks again!


Look at the bottom of this page. There is a button marked “Bookmark”. Click on that. Hey presto. No need to write it down as these forums remember it for you. When you want to look at it again, once you’ve bookmarked it, there’s a bookmark button at the top of the front page of these forums. Clicking that shows all the threads you’ve got bookmarked.



Thanks for the helpful tip, I’ll do that! :smiley:

There are good reasons why modules do item strips.

The most important is that custom items are unique to a particular module (or series). If imported into another module, the item appearance will probably be missing, along with any scripts and custom properties. As one player complained to me, “my wand turned into a useless bunch of sticks”.

Imported items can also unbalance gameplay, of course.

As @TheBarbarian implies, if you hack the code, you’re responsible for the outcome. You really can’t complain or vote the module down.


Obviously I’m responsible for any changes I make. That shouldn’t even have to be said.

@Jorvach I’m sure you understand that, but sadly many players don’t, which is why it has to be said.