Not sure how to navigate this new format?

Maybe we should have a vote to go back to the old forum?


If talking about these forums, try this pinned thread.

They may not be perfect but they are so much better from a user’s point of view than the old ones. Just takes a little getting used to as they are new.


Wouldn’t be the worst idea in history. By now, people definitely have had the chance to test both, and, fair’s fair - we did hold a vote on whether to make the switch, forcing it on a good few people who didn’t want it. If the new forums, now that we’ve been using them for a while, should displease the majority of people, it’d be silly to keep them.

But if we do have a vote about whether we should go back to the old forums… can we please have a vote about whether to have a vote about going back to the old forum first? Please? I’d laugh so much.

Actually let me just make one because heck yeah polls: :grin:

  • In favor - Yes, we should hold a vote to decide whether we set the old forums as the site’s main forums again.
  • Abstain - I’m fine with either.
  • Abstain - have no opinion on this whatsoever.
  • Abstain - I dislike both options.
  • Against - No, we shouldn’t hold a vote on that.

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Quite informal and for the lulz. Remember, I have no authority to decide any of this stuff.

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Why not just do like Congress does…

We’ll have a vote to decide if we should vote on the original issue we voted on. Then, if two or three people don’t like the vote, we’ll kick it to the shelf and discuss it next session. Rinse, repeat until everyone forgets what the original vote was about.

Yeah, why not…

I make a motion to have a vote to table the current vote until the next session. All those in favor?

  • Yay
  • Nay

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Or you could just not vote at all and it will revert back to the old one any way. The do nothing Congress way.

My forum software industry lobbyist will get back to me soon to tell me which way to vote on this…