Henchman became hostile when starting Chapter 2

When I started chapter two, I found my henchman hostile trying to fight Ashtara. So far I have been unable to remedy this issue by killing and ressurecting her, and likewise it seems she cannot fall down at 1hp, she can only die. Charm person does not work as she is immune to spells for some reason. I cant determine a console command that would remove this immunity or render her non-hostile so I can speak to her and make her my henchman again.

I managed to fix it! I used DebugMode and “dm_setfactiondefender”

I tried it before and it didn’t seem to work. Problem was I had to zoom in in order to effectively target her, because there seems to be some barrier/roof that was blocking what I would click while in DebugMode.

Edit: Still having troubles. I reloaded to try and re-roll Ashtara’s merchant reaction, and now that fix isn’t working exactly. The dm_setfaction x command yielded no results for enemy hostile or defender, but I managed to get her non-hostile by setting her to Commoner? But that issue didn’t work a second time when I tried it later either.

I hope this doesnt have any adverse results on the gameplay later.