Henchman runs amok?

I’m doing an end-to-end test of my module prior to the next release (using EE Development Build 8193.14, as it happens).

The henchman AI is essentially XP2 with only minor tweaks.

In an isolated incident during combat, one henchman suddenly started running through corridors away from the fight. I chased after them to issue Follow. On returning to the fight room (where the enemies were now dead) they ran in the other direction, launching a suicidal attack on hostiles in another room they couldn’t have seen in advance.

The henchman was in ranged mode. The original fight was triggered by an Attack Nearest order. They fought normally for a while before running amok.

I’m unable to reproduce this, but I’ve seen a few player comments about something similar happening in the OC. Is it a known issue?

I don’t know, if it’s a known issue, but I’ve seen a similar effect with the attack-nearest in nonEE. In my case, it was a scripting error which prevents, that the enemy, which should be attacked was recognized as target. Instead, the NPC runs off and tries to a enemy in a different area, which was connected via an area transition. Ah, yes, and the NPC was in ranged mode.

Maybe it’s a known issue now? :slight_smile: