Henchman stealth?

I’m currently playing Cormyrean Nights (with NWN EE, in case that matters), and I have a rogue henchman, but whenever I go into stealth mode, he remains visible out in the open. Since my PC is also a rogue that can be beneficial, but ironically it seems counterproductive to an actual rogue mission. I can’t sneak into a mansion with him just strolling in carelessly like that.

It’s been a while though since I used stealth mode in NWN with a henchman in the party, so I don’t quite remember how they should behave normally. Shouldn’t they normally go all into stealth mode when you do? I also realize that often henchman have tactics options about going stealthy or not, but this one doesn’t seem to have them …

For whatever reason, signals are sent to NWN henchmen in two ways: via shouts and user-defined events. “Toggle stealth” is in the second category.

In order for a henchman to respond to master toggling stealth mode (or detect, or defensive casting, etc), it needs a handler in its OnUserDefined script (via Get/SetActionMode). But IIRC this was added with HotU and Cormyrean Nights requires SoU only…

If this is a one-time issue in a game in progress, put a script in override which will mirror master’s stealth mode (when you execute it) or replace NPC’s current OUD with your custom wrapper in any way you see fit.

Interesting. I had no clue henchmen wouldn’t mirror Stealth mode prior to HotU. I just wanted to check whether that’s normal behavior in this module, but if it is, I’ll just try to do the stealth mission on my own, without henchmen. Thanks!