Henchman System Override?

I have very little experience with scripting, and already forgot the few I Iearnt over a decade ago, but I recently discovered the entry for OldMansBeard’s OHS Henchman system on the Vault and I thought this sounded intriguing. When the player uses an item, it spawns in an assistent that gives you a list of henchmen, based on a database, and then spawns in the one(s?) you pick, and you can also turn your own PCs into entries in the database and spawn them in as henchmen for another PC. I wasn’t totally convinced by the implementation but I see a lot of potential in this idea, plus the author has officially given permission to use the scripts as a base for whatever you want to, and so it lead me to the following thoughts (at this point purely theoretical still):

  1. Would a system like this be a viable way for single players to try and play modules meant for multiplayer groups? Now, I realize that there may be situations in multiplayer modules that would be hard or impossible to resolve with henchmen only. But in general, if the only reason why a module is tagged as multiplayer only is the combat balance, could this work, replacing fellow players with henchmen? Or are there many script commands that are likely to mess this up when the module finds a henchman tagging along instead of another PC? Will the henchmen trigger stuff they should not trigger, or will they NOT trigger stuff that players would have triggered?

  2. Assuming it would be worth a shot to try and replace PCs with henchmen in a multiplayer module via a mod like this - I see that this one is not compatible with Tony K’s AI mod, and the default AI for henchmen is rather terrible (at least for those who can cast spells), not really comparable to actual players. Would it be possible to integrate some kind of henchmen AI into an override mod like this directly, and what are some good (or the best) ones currently available on the Vault?

  3. This mod does not seem to support leveling up the henchmen. Would it be possible to integrate a level up system into something like this though, or are there inescaple reasons why it would not work with this?

  4. This mod adds the assistent as henchmen as well, and you need to him to tag along all the time, turning the whole thing into an escort mission, I guess, because the assistent is just baggage, not an actual helpful and battle-tested henchmen. Apparently the mod would not work without this little trick. But I wonder why? Is it due to some restrictions back in the days or is there still an obstacle to spawning in henchmen via a menu, without adding an assistent henchman as well, today?

  5. The henchmen from the OHS database demand payment for their services (which my level 1 PC could not afford), and my level 1 PC turned into an henchmen did not want to work for my other level 1 PC and preferred a more experienced leader. This made the mod as is pretty useless to me sadly; as a player I would want more control over the balance myself. But I guess this would be the easiest thing to rectify in an enhanced version, provided I’d be able to find out where to change it.

So, as an idea, would this be feasible at all? A system like OHS that works as override and allows you to spawn in henchmen from a database, including henchmen made from your own PCs, but in an enhanced version, without balance restrictions concerning cost and level difference, without the need for an assistent henchman to tag along, with enhanced modern henchmen AI scripts integrated and the possibility of those henchmen to level up when the PC levels up? Or is this just a pipe dream, especially for someone as inexperienced as me (not that I would mind anyone else giving it a go)?

I used this a bit a number of years ago when I was just a player. It’s really pretty cool. I have not looked at it since I started doing my own modules and scripts so I don’t know much about its internals. But it overrides a lot of the core scripts if I recall. The changes in there would need to be ported to the tonyk scripts to make it work with that AI.

The linkboy I suspect could be removed and a different approach taken. It was not too bad having him around but it would be nicer w/o.

I believe the idea is the henchpeople are always 1 level below the PC. So they can level up when the PC does. I think this is why your 1st level hench would not work for your 1st level PC. Try it with a 2nd level PC.

It’s just scripting (mostly) so I think it would be possible. Knock yourself out :slight_smile:

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