Henchmen Inventory Control?

Can anyone tell me how to update the entire game so that I’d have access to henchmen inventory in content that was created with ancient game versions, such as the OC? Thank you in advance.

ps. I’m familiar with Tony K’s Henchmen and Battle mod, but not the relevant files that I’d need to accomplish this goal. Thank you again.

For the OC it’s quite easy:

Open the toolset, open an existing module (or create a new one).
Start the script editor (tools menu).
Click Open an existing file and check All Resources
Open the script nw_ch_ac4, ignore the warning.
Change the line
bkRespondToHenchmenShout(oShouter, nMatch, oIntruder, TRUE);
bkRespondToHenchmenShout(oShouter, nMatch, oIntruder, FALSE);
Compile the script.
The compiled script (nw_ch_ac4.ncs) is in your Neverwinter Nights\module\temp0 folder. Copy that script to your override folder.
Close the toolset (without saving the module).
Start NWN, load a save from the OC. Right-click a henchman and select the inventory icon. The inventory should open.

Tested with NWN EE (and OC chapter 3). Should work with all henchmen that have nw_ch_ac4 as their OnConversation script.


Thank you. That worked perfectly for the question that I had asked. I tested this with Pavel in the Prelude, too, and was able to access his inventory.

For a longer term project, I’m hoping to update all of the henchmen to operate as they do in HotU. I’m going to change the title of this thread to reflect the newer questions, but I’ll ask, firstly, if the nw_ch_ac4.ncs change should work on any (most) henchmen that were created with game versions prior to SoU? It was SoU that actually added henchmen inventory control? By default, is bkRespondToHenchmenShout (oShouter, nMatch, oIntruder, FALSE); now set to False for most, if not all, henchmen?

A different approach that I took, for Pavel, was to load the set_xp2_henchmen.ini for Pavel in the Prelude itself, but that is something that I’d have to do for every possible henchman that I want to update, I imagine. (I should note here that this took copying the Prelude.nwn and set_xp2_henchmen.ini files over from their main data folders [ Neverwinter Nights\data\nwm and Neverwinter Nights\data\scr]. This worked for Pavel, but will only work for him within the Prelude now. Is there anything that I could have done here, differently, with the override folder, to have these scripts work for all older henchmen?

As I’ve said it should work with all the henchmen that have an unmodified nw_ch_ac4 as their OnConversation script. It won’t work for other henchmen as they won’t use that script either because they have a different OnConversation script or they use a modified version of that script resinding in a module/hak file and superseding your override version. For the latter you could force the use of your version by moving the script to the development folder but that will most likely break these modules.

Can’t help you with your other question. Perhaps someone more experienced with the NWN henchmen system can do.