Henchmen (Some) won't attack while invis

I am having trouble with several of my henchmen who won’t attack while Invis. Specifically henchmen I imported from LETO based on PC character exports. I even have Henchman Control scripts (installed to try to mitigate this problem), but they don’t negate it.

I’ve tried comparing and mirroring known functioning henchmen and summons, but I cannot find a disparity between them except for their origin (Toolset and LETO). I’d rather not remake them if it’s a simple toggle.

Any help or suggestions would be welcomed.

I suppose you haven’t try community patch…

We used the community patch for the clients during 1.69. But it happens on both 1.69 and EE. I supposed I should have said that. I don’t know that I have the depth of knowledge to update this entire mod (several of the standard scripts have been customized).

Might the community patch make a difference for EE?

I supposed I should give you more information

Mod Name: World of Amon (as downloaded from the vault) (utilize same .mod file for both versions. Simply edit the .mod in Notepad++ to change 1.74 to 1.69)
HAK: CEP 2.2, CTP (Various) (only those required by Amon)
Version: Both 1.69 and NWN EE

As we inherited the mod from its original creator, I can’t really tell you what AI is being used. I can tell you that a Toolset generated Hench performs as expected, while an imported Hench stands still (even while being beaten to death by a something with True Sight).

Well first of all, AI is server-side. Thus having community patch installed on clients will not fix a lot when playing multiplayer - only visual issues in models are fixed in this case basically.

Second, NWN:EE does not offer any content fixes at all yet. Thus community patch is still very useful.

Anyway, community patch will actually help only if the module uses vanilla AI so if you use Jasper/TonyK/OHS it won’t help.

I can take a look if you send me an empty no-hak module with henchman behaving like this…

Shadooow helped me dig through a few of my scripts (he actually did the digging) and determined that the nw_c2_default1 was edited to be blank. He surmised that it was to reduce OnHeartbeat events (which I recall caused this particular server issues in the early 2000’s).

Thank you Shadooow for your help in fixing this.