Henchmen through modules

Hello everyone, hope you enjoy your start of summer.
In my solo campaign, I received complaints because henchmen (dogs, cats, pigs, all cuty companions with no inventory) can’t follow the player through module changing.
I thought it was impossible to keep henchmen from a module to another. But perhaps I missed something? Is there a way?
Thanks to all !

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I’m not sure since all my modules have been just modules and not campaigns.

However, some 10 years ago or more, I remember using, when playing a few modules, a “persistent companion”. It’s this system here:


Maybe if you looked at that in the toolset you might have a clue to how it’s done?

Edit: But perhaps the problem you’re describing is only there if it’s a henchman and not a companion.


As far as I know, henchmen can’t follow the player to another module. Only companions, animal companions and familiars do.
You may respawn them in a new module providing you have kept record of their levels in global variables, or local variables attached to the PC. You may also spawn them according to the PC level.

What you can do also is to define them as regular companions. Of course if they are just a few. Increase the party limit in that case.


or maybe the “campaign” database

// Stores an object with the given id.
// NOTE: this command can only be used for storing Creatures and Items.
// Returns 0 if it failled, 1 if it worked.
int StoreCampaignObject(string sCampaignName, string sVarName, object oObject, object oPlayer=OBJECT_INVALID);

// Use RetrieveCampaign with the given id to restore it.
// If you specify an owner, the object will try to be created in their repository
// If the owner can't handle the item (or if it's a creature) it will be created on the ground.
object RetrieveCampaignObject(string sCampaignName, string sVarName, location locLocation, object oOwner = OBJECT_INVALID, object oPlayer=OBJECT_INVALID);

The beauty of the toolset : more than ten years after you still lear something. Thanks kev.


You might want to look at my Silverwand Sample Campaign. It includes a couple of modules and there is a henchman who can join the party. While it is playable it was really written to demonstrate basic features that a modder might often include in their own campaign. It was written before SoZ though so lacks some of its features like the Party Editor. I suppose I should update it.

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