Here We Glow Again

If you are still using 1.69/Diamond please ignore this post as there is no change to the version you currently use (if you in fact use any of the packages mentioned here)

Just posted some updated versions of some of my projects. Specifically -

The need for these updated version has arisen due to the new shaders in the latest dev build of EE. These shaders made the things that I have updated lose their colour and only render in white. The updated versions render properly (or as proper as I can get them) in colour again.

Other than replacing the hak that you currently use with the updated version, you don’t need to do anything else as they are like for like replacements.


Now a request. If you come across any custom content of mine that is supposed to glow in the dark but instead just shows up as white please pm me and I will get onto fixing it straight away.



Posted a small EE only addendum to the Custom Content Challenge May 2015: World of the Elder Scrolls. This fixes the lit stained glass windows and consists of just 9 models.