Hex editing, dangerous but possible?

Lets try it;


I guess I should continue here.

In order to go past level 40, there are 3 2da files; exptable, xpbaseconst, and xptable.

Add more rows\columns with the required numbers.

I dont quite understand xptable 2da, it seems to randomly increase values.

xptable is used for experience rewards for defeating encounters.

So I only have to edit exptable to accommodate the new levels to 60?

Hmm… I don’t know. Theoretically you’d need the full xptable so that the game knows how much xp is supposed to be rewarded to the player after he kills a monster. Though personally I bypass that by setting the module xp scale to 0 and than using script to kinda “manually” award player xp. That way you can reward the pc “per encounter” not “per monster”.

O dear, I hoped not to get scripting involved…

What if in xptable 2da, I just applied the same values from C40 up to C60?

I dunno dude - I’m pretty sure this is an uncharted territory :smiley: I’ll have to do some testing

Thats great I was thinking of trying it out for Storms campaign.

Tested it on a modified Jeg’s Training and can confirm it works, Thank you so much for this.

Btw, I think that the max will stay level 40 even if you edit the 2das, those hex edits on the link you provided were specific about changing it to 40 hardcap, unless you figured out the way to hex edit the nwn2main.exe file beyond level 40, that will stay the max level regardless of what you do to the 2das.

You just have to put the correct hex value. 28 is hex for 40.

so for 60, just put 3c instead of 28. and so on

But to add more than 40 you need to add data into exptable and xptable. Those 2 files came straight from NWN1 I guess since the last values are at 40.

exptable is easy, just create a formula in excel and drag fill the rows.

xptable is the harder part since you have to add one row for each new levelup, then add a column for each new level. I have not been able to figure out what logic/formula this file uses.

Once you get past those 2 files, mod the campaign accordingly.

Since hex can suppport a max value of 255, I wonder how far can we go…

Could the instructions be tagged into a tutorial or something, I fear the knowledge might be lost if the original site goes down.

I think this is the first game I have from gog that did not mess with the exe. They have a nasty habit of messing the exe and thus changing the checksums, thus destroying such things like hex editing since the addresses and values are completely changed.

Awesome find, zzc. I always wondered about trying this but I wasn’t sure where to edit. What line do I need to edit in order to make this work?

I wonder if this means we can also bypass the number of summonables limit as well.

You need to learn what is hex editing first.

Get a hex editor - i use https://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/

Use hex editor to open nwn2main.exe, make a copy of it before starting.

Follow the instructions at https://www.nwnx.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2158 Dont mind the disassembly at the end, thats for experts.

HXD can search the whole hex string so it should be easy to find - theres only one of each group.

Save when done.

Go to toolset, plugins, campaign editor and change the maxlevel, and max xp.

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Yeah, thanks for pointing out the disassembly thing, I might have broken my computer if I didn’t know otherwise. :roll_eyes: I just needed the information in that thread; I know what Hex editing is… :neutral_face:

Well noo, you would only break the exe, which can be easily restored if you made a copy before starting.

Good to see more people using the knowledge, it was so hard to find.

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I was being sarcastic about breaking the computer…

Yes, I am surprised this ancient thread from 2013 did not receive more attention long ago. It was a good find for sure.

I think I will have to try out editing the 2da for L60 since nobody has yet to try…

Does anybody remember how to hex edit to allow up to LVL40? I forgot how and the instructions I used are gone.

any reason not to use

Clangeddin’s put more investigation into it than anyone, i believe

You know what, I don’t see why not. I was willing to settle, but screw it, let’s go beyond.

plus ultra

I contacted Papillon and he replied to me via mail, he said he will think about bringing back the old nwnx forums in a static way, he made a copy and archived it if the need should arise.

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