Hi all! Just wondering if there are any other hobgoblins models than the Lotr orcish ones and these MerricksDad's Alternate Hobgoblins (Type 1) | The Neverwinter Vault

There were some in Q that were very Uruk Hai. There’s also this one which, is very old, but is more alternative hobgoblins

(they’re seriously one of my big ‘please more’, up there with actually getting a D&D Nixie going)

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I think I’ll stick with Merrick’s for now…

Cervantes Cervantes made some really nice hobgoblins.


view page 9 of the photos he uploaded on the above link…to see an example of a hobgoblin Shaman…best hobgoblins I’ve seen

Yes, those are great excellent Creatures, but much more tolkienish orcs than d&d hobgoblins for me.

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I think those were made by Lord of Wormz. And yes, they are orcs based on TLOTR movies.

Thanks…I just found them on Cervantes project.