Hordes of the Underdark Revisited


Ye olde thread.

How do you suppose Halaster keeps an “eye” on the comings and goings in his dungeon? That’s right, with a creepy animated eyeball.

What about my friends?

Am I the only one wondering what happened to Alpha Complex? And lamenting his mandatory bonus duty as happiness officer?


Go, go RJ looks great. Now it looks like the Wizard’s Eye from renderings from the first and second edition Unearthed Arcania. I just have to be patient til you download the module. Boy I bet all the NPC’s and henchmen are going to be visual feast.:star_struck:


Thus far only a couple of the NPCs have an enhanced appearance; for the remainder, I’ve just been attempting to model them as best I can using stock parts (while focusing on the areas). They don’t look awful, but I can probably do a bit more work there by using mods from this site. Valsharess looks really good because I have 4760’s model to work with.


Yeah 4760’s Valsharess model is really good. Daelan Red Tiger will be a mess, but that is because Obsidian turned the Half orc into a big blob. I really like what your doing. I just have to be patient.:star_struck:


As this is a high level campaign, I’m trying some model ports to provide more variety in magic staves. Here’s a few examples:


Very nice!


Work continues on this project, albeit slowly. I finally finished up converting the RWS Deep Chasms tileset and now I’m just adding in the remaining upper-lower transition tiles. I want to use that tileset for the third and final UM level, and will release the update once I’m convinced I have the tiles to do the job. Meanwhile the 2nd level is nearly complete; I just need to finish up the intro cut scene. There’s also a bonus area that I need to fill out with a few more… challenges.


My Fairy Dragon familiars keeps flying around the room rubbing his fore paws and giggling. I think he’s excited about the news, you just gave. Oh wait he could be getting ready to pull a practical joke again.:star_struck:


Somewhere deep in the underdark, our protagonist comes upon what appears to be a fortified abode carved out of solid rock. On all sides are arrow slits overlooking the walkway. An old stairway leads around the back to a closed door.


Looks really great, can wait to play your revisited version.

I meant can’t wait.


I can’t!


My only fear is that Micro$haft will do something stupid(er) to Win10 that will totally bork NWN before a project like this gets done.
Maybe if we started a GoFundMe to get RJ a maid service he could work faster?


Well the good news is I finally finished up the base RWS Deep Chasms revamp, and all of the tiles are functional with at least a couple of variants (but more typically 3-5). I’m very tempted to add even more variants, but I should shelve that impulse for now and focus on building out the third level of Undermountain. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ed.: Well I’m finding right away that there are some tile types that I’m missing. For example: XXZZ, an open floor tile with a chasm along one side, as well as XZZZ and XXXZ. I think also XCZZ and CXZZ. I’ll need to add rows down in 984-995 range of tiles.2da.


Just please don’t have Deekin try to sing you to sleep at night. :rofl:


Here’s some work in progress on applying the revised RWS Deep Chasms tileset to the final level of Chapter I:

There’s a few mismatches with the ceiling parts that need fixing as well as a baking problem with a tile, but it’s coming along. The open chasm edge tiles visible here are all new additions. The final area will have the chasm filled with water.

Ed.: The one thing I don’t like about this set is all the join seams that show up. Hmm. The texturing alignment isn’t always great.


Time for some new bows:


Arcane Archers get new toys. What am I talking about all Archers get some new toys. Outstanding work rjshae.:star_struck:


Thanks. Somebody else did all the hard work on the model and texturing; I’m just porting it over.


With the blueprints and special characteristics? :wink: