Hordes of the Underdark Revisited


Blueprints yes, but I’ll leave the special stuff for the builders to decide. Meanwhile I’ll see which ones I can use in HotU. :slightly_smiling_face:


Very nice so far, rjshae!


Keep up the fantastic work, rjshae!


This is awesome! I am so glad you haven’t abandoned this project. I only wish I was more learned so as to assist. I look forward to the finished work!!!


Still trying to build out the third level and I’m having some frustrations with certain tile variants showing black underwater. I haven’t been able to figure out why some variants show black while others don’t. The texture looks normal when there’s no water. All the material settings are identical. Hmm.

Crud. Maybe I’ll have to resort to a VFX? But I’m sure it wouldn’t look nearly as good.


If nothing else, some boulders or something could hide it.


If you place a light in the black area, does the texture appear?
If it’s always the same place in the same tiles that’s showing black, maybe you could select the faces and flip them (inverted normals?)


If I hide the water then the terrain shows up, so I don’t think it’s the normals. For some of the tiles, it works with one variant but not the others.

I’m wondering now if it’s the C3 mesh? I’ll have to experiment.

Ed.: I tried copying the sub-floor mesh from a tile that displays properly (XXXZ_01) to one that doesn’t (WWCZ_01). Guess what? The latter still doesn’t display properly. I’ll have to see if that trick works on the others.

Ed2.: Well huh. I copied the sub-floor C3 mesh from the tile that works (XXXZ_01) to the one that doesn’t (XXCZ_01). Now they are both working!


Tile fixed:


You mean WWCZ_01 and XXCZ_01, and they were the only ones that needed the C3 change?
Nice finding, this C3 effect! Just to be sure: for the non-working tiles, was it set to C3, or RIGD (or none)? Just checking if the C3 geometry is involved…


^ No there’s multiple tiles and tile variants with the issue. I’ve added the C3 to the lower parts on many tiles, which is probably why they are working. It’s not the C3 format.

Now I just need to grind through the remainder so I can start with the custom content for this area. For the area border tiles with water, I’m thinking of experimenting with tile-sized gradient overlays to have the water fade out with distance.


I’ve mostly finished building out level 3 central, at least tile-wise, so now I’m moving on to level 3 north. It was a toss-up between using an exterior area with a cap or continuing with the deep chasms. I settled on the latter. Here’s the start:

This area has a lot of open floor/chasm-type tiles, so need to add more variants to prevent it from getting repetitive. All of the above tiles are new additions. The repetitiveness of the single-corner chasm tile is showing, so that’s next up for expansion.


It looks great to me rjshae. Keep up all the wonderful work your doing.


If you are up for slight alterations, I have a proposal for you which I first mentioned in the NWN1 category:

What would you think about the Valsharess as a companion for Chapter 3 if you chose to betray the Seer at the end of Chapter 2? I have always thought that would have made total sense and that the designers missed an easy opportunity.

She could be grudging or maintain her egomaniacal nature, especially at the start of the Chapter (I keep imagining Murray from The Curse of Monkey Island). Maybe she wouldn’t gradually warm to the PC, maybe she would, though a romance option may be taking it too far, unless there was some complex who-wears-the-pants dynamic, but she definitely wouldn’t side with Mephistopholes at the end.


Those are interesting suggestions palswim. For the initial pass I’m mainly focused on implementing the stock game, but it will certainly be possible to enhance it later. The primary challenge will be implementing the added conversations with that change in mind.


That would really give the old girl a swift kick. I mean game, game dagnabit and not the Dwarven General from Mythral hall. Sorry could not resist that comment. :rofl:


The third level is becoming a mix of Cave and Deep Chasms tile sets, and I’m finding the Caves set doesn’t have enough variety for my purposes. Hence, I’m going to expand the Cave set variants. First step is to use the Cave’s single wall variants to expand the walls with column tiles. After that… maybe adding more open tile variants and so forth. Hopefully this won’t take too long; I want to finish up building these last three areas.


I’ve been bashing my head against an issue for a while now. When I play the startup cutscene, the game crashes. I’ve narrowed it down to a ga_jump_players call at the end of the cutscene conversation. It all seems valid; the waypoint exists with the correct tag and when I load with the player in either area, it works fine. It’s just the jump. Plus, whenever I exit the game it crashes. I’ve tried rebuilding the module from exported files but the problem still exists. Bugger. Next I’ll try debugging that GA script to see what’s going on.


I’ve encountered exactly the same problem with that script in the White Rose module… I haven’t found a way to fix this. But what I discovered is that the crash doesn’t happen for some peoples. So it might have something to do with hardware or software probably.


If you have a test module to share, I’d be glad to have a look.