Hordes of the Underdark Revisited


Aha! I replaced the Ipoint speaker placeable and now it’s working correctly. Whew! Still crashes on exit though. Hmm.


I was contemplating renaming this campaign to “Dark Queen of Shadow”, rather than copying the original NWN title. That name is used in the original cut scene, and to me it makes it feel more original. What do you think?


are there any henchmen in the party when exiting? Lance discovered a bug that when so the exit crashes … there’s a workaround … something about setting MaxHenchmen, and/or dismissing them just before exit




How about “Queen of the Underdark” for a title. ‘Dark Queen of Shadow’ sounds to much like the King of Shadows. Just an idea. This way it still has some of the original title. Also if I’m not mistaken wasn’t there a Module with a similar title something like the Shadow Queen. Sorry rjshae I don’t mean to step on your toes.


I think a guy could get murdered in his sleep by agents of Shar for implying that some drow tart is the queen of shadow so I would exercise caution. A few extra locks on the door and bright lights in every room of your house should do it.

Its a good name that meshes with the in game dialogue. Just watch your back…


I would just keep it as it is. The module is a remake and the current title makes that clear, like “Baldur’s Gate Reloaded” did.


Troubleshooting another issue now with an effect showing a missing texture. The problem is the texture is included… and it was working properly before. Tried a bunch of things but no luck so far. Arrgh!