Horse & creature models disappeared

I have the latest version of CEP, and a few other haks installed in my module. I just tried adding another, and upon completion, I suddenly got a missing files error, and some CEP things were listed as missing, even though I installed everything exactly according to the instructions.

Now all the horse models I placed in the module disappeared. Their scripts are still there, and they appear in the Creatures list, but I can’t even click on them on the map. Selecting them from the Creatures list works, but the Appearance field is blank.

Other models have also disappeared, for example I no longer have any invisible creature models, or any other custom ones I’ve installed. I have tried doing this three times now in completely new modules, and none of these models are working any more. I’ve also tried re-installing CEP, but to no avail.

Here’s a link to a screenshot of the error list: here.

Edit: And just to clarify, everything worked completely fine before this. Now no matter what haks I add or remove, the same error happens in ALL modules I create, and even some I’ve downloaded.

That sounds like your new hak likely has it’s own version of appearance.2da, which is overriding the appearance.2da from the CEP. :thinking: Blueprints and in-area objects refer to row numbers in the 2da files, so if the entries in the 2da change, then everything that is making use of the contents of that row number in the 2da will be affected by the changes.

Try merging the 2das - extract both .2das and add the lines of the appearance.2da from the new hak to the lines of the appearance.2da of the CEP hak. Then, create a new hak, put the merged appearance.2da into it, and add that hak at the very top of the list, so it’ll override everything below it. Mind, you don’t need to modify or remove the appearance.2das in the hakpaks themselves, you just need to create your own version of the .2da that overrides them both via the position in the load order.


That just solved 90% of the issues, thank you. Pretty sure the other 10% is just a matter of being more thorough. Appreciate the help! :smiley:

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