Horse Issue

Hello there agin. Looking to resolve a horse issue we’ve recently encountered. For some reason, when a PC logs out, dies or respawns while they are mounted, when they return, in whatever way they do that, their PC is still mounted, but they aren’t. They have no variables associated with being on a horse and they are unable to dismount. In essence, the tail that was created when they mounted became part of their character and all variables showing them mounted are erased. This can be fixed manually through Leto by changing the tail back to where it belongs. What script to I need to reference to figure out if a PC that’s returning to the module has this particular issue? I can’t check for mounting variables because they don’t exist. Can I check the tail vs what the normal appearance would be? I tried some of the functions in x3_inc_horse, but they appear to rely on knowing whether the PC is mounted, which we are unable to determine when they log back in.

If this isn’t enough information, let me know and I’ll throw in as many details as I can.

Maybe logon is destroying the skin, losing the variables, as discussed here:

I don’t know much about PW, but I guess you should try to fix that first.

If not, can you force dismount before logoff?

Last resort would be to check what phenotype and tail the PC has (GetPhenotype, GetCreatureTailType) then reset them to default if they are equine.

If the PW allows exotic phenotypes and tails when dismounted, of course, that info is lost, unless you can conserve the skin.


Thanks for the pointer. I discovered your guide shortly after I asked the question but haven’t gotten through it yet. I’ll definitely try everything I find in there. The GetPhenotype function sounds like the answer I’ll need. Thanks for the reply and for writing such an in-depth guide!

I have’t been able to test any fixes yet, but after reading your guide and looking at some of the code in the module, it appears the module does everything it can to destroy the user’s ability to use a horse. I know this isn’t intentional because the module was written long before X3 created horses as a usable creature. I’ll be going through the scripts nex week and seeing if I can undo this. Thanks for the pointers. Your guide in invaluable!

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Proleric and others,

Using your Guide to Horses over on the lexicon, I was able to the horse issue for our PW, at least in the test setup. We should be testing it live soon.


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