Horse skin lost/pc properties suddenly vanish

So, here am I again with another issue that I am unsure of how to get it fixed. So on ym PW we are using horses to get us from point A to point B (if we do nto wish to walk all the way)

I had no issues with it till recently where the PC seems to melt with the horse skin. I get on the horse and suddenly I get a message: PC properties lost and from that point on my PC can no longer dismount. I get the message: NOT A MOUNT when I attempt it.

anyone ever had this issue before? And better yet, how does one fix it?

This typically happens when player relogs/logs in if the server has ILR or ELC options turned on. If that is the case you have two options: turn both options off or use community patch (but you will have to merge scripts, unless you use/execute unmodifie x2_mod_def_* module events it won’t work automatically).

If this wasn’t the case and players are losing skin in middle of gameplay then that is more problematic and I would try to look for a cause in your own scripts - I never saw this happen in “vanilla” unless player used special exploit. Try seach for all script using GetItemInSlot and check if they DestroyObject. Perhaps add debugging there so next time it happens player get a message about that and reports it to you.

Thank you I will try it out and will let you know what the issue is. I do not have any custom scripts though so I might have to patch up on this one. Thanks though! :heart: