Hostile NPC Bug - OC - Old Owl Well

So I loaded my save in Old Owl Well and and got a C++ error message, which I ignore and then load as usual. If I retry or abort it crashes out.

It seems something in my save has become corrupted because many NPC that should be friendly are hostile.
This seems to only be in the Old Owl Well areas (Old Owl Well, Eyegouger, Bonegnasher). When I go to Neverwinter everybody still my pal.

I did printreputation and the NPC having the problem are faction 1, I’m faction 5.

Example NPC with problem is Issani, all I can do is stab him.
Logram is immediately hostile.
Loading an old save - Yaisog is immediately hostile upon meeting and immortal.

I tried:
dm_setfactionreputation 1 5 100
dm_setfactionreputation 5 1 100
But this didn’t do anything.

It seems the corruption occured during play, as it is in my previous saves as well.
The first save I have where I’m good is from the day before, 3/4 hours or so of gameplay back - before I ever went to Old Owl Well/Dwarven Scouts.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


reference thread: Hostile NPC glitch

The file ‘repute.fac’ (for OldOwlWell module) probably went corrupt.

replacing it with a good copy is not trivial (sometimes requires pure luck to succeed, in my experience). so, I suggest going back to the good save …

One thing i didn’t try, that you could, is replacing ‘repute.fac’ in your system temporary folder while the game is loaded and actively being played (otherwise it’s a matter of unzipping the saved game, replacing the file with a good copy /if that’s the issue/ and then attempting to rezip the save - which for me hasn’t always been successful…)

Even then, as in the previous thread, a bunch of mobs could still be hostile - and that’s another can-o-borks.



Hi kevL_s

I’ll give those things a try.

However, what am I using to unzip the save file? (Which I assume is 1300_Old_Owl_Well.z from within the save folder)


7-zip will unzip the .Z file

take out the “-” file

use Nwn2Packer to open and modify the contents of the “-” file

save it w/ Nwn2Packer. Then zip it back up using 7-zip (right click, Add to “”)

rename “” to what it should be -> old owl well exactly like it was.

sacrifice to whatever gods you want, it’ll either load successfully or it won’t

I suggest backing up the save-directory you’re going to work with …

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