Hosting NWN:EE servers - how? Isn't nwserver.exe enough?

I can’t find a normal guide.
I tried using nwserver.exe as admin, but my server doesn’t appear on the list when I go on multiplayer.
So I hear all those rumors about “opening a port”, is that all I need to do? Is it something I do via my windows 10 firewall or via my router?

And why does nwserver says “running - logging at will” when it’s obviously not running!? :angry:

Tried opening a port, still didn’t work

Have you enabled port forwarding? I don’t run a server but I seem to recall that being involved

yea I confused firewall port with port forwarding, but how do I port forward here exactly? (screenshot of my router port forwarding area)

I’m a retired US Marine. That is beyond my knowledge. If I were you, I’d jump on the vault discord. Answers can come faster

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Are you on a LAN network? Trying to see your server on the multiplayer list via LAN?

If so, make sure the network is set on Private not Public. It will now show up at all on LAN, but will show to other people not on the LAN. I spent countless hours getting pissed off with that EdgeRouter X letting me post to the internet, but nobody in house could connect. Turns out that network setting (you would think public is the right one by it’s very name, but it has to be set at Private for out of house and LAN both to see your server.

This is for a PW, not for LAN

Yeah I got that, is your computer directly connected to the modem, or is it on a network with other computers?

Directly connected

Ah, Okay. Not sure what I spent countless hours on will help in that case… It was network related.
Sorry not sure how to help you there.

(For those who cannot host PW’s on LAN and the Internet, apparently changing the host server computer’s network from public (you would think by that name its public… sheesh) to private (which actually opens it up to the rest of the network) will allow you to do both.)

The NWC Multiplayer Connection and Hosting Guide has a link to the port forwarding info required for hosting NWN:EE. Naturally those ports also need to be open on your network.

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Setup a server name you will recognize, and then check on it with the Beamdog site.

We running a server off you’re home PC, for you personally it will only be available thru LAN play. This is why the site above is useful to see if its posted properly.

I think I’m starting to see the problem, my toolset version is 1.77 and my game is v78.8186

How is this possible? I have bought it through steam… is the toolset not updating?

I tried using nwserver

My server doesn’t show up at:

I’m quite lost

you could try setting it up through a server host instead. I use Stillevande Servers to host my games on for free! maybe you can try your luck with them or someone else.

While I appreciate the input, I really prefer to be reliant on myself and not on anyone else. If someone can help me pinpoint the problem I’ll appreciate it, I’m really lost.

I managed to port forward based on the router tutorial, still the server does not appear on the server’s list… what else could it possibly be? This is ridiculous.

It can be a little tricky since each Router is different, but from that console there you haven’t set the Source and Destination IPs, so all that rule appears to be doing is Forwarding anything from IP on ports 5120-5300 to on port 5120. Additionally, your NWServer example is running on 5122, not 5120.

Unless I missed something, you should be routing from whatever your network’s gateway IP is (i.e., the router itself) to the specific IP of the server (or whatever computer you’re hosting it on).

Depending on your router, you may also need to enable inbound traffic for those ports, as well.

Maybe we should wind it back to a simpler level before we go all CCNA on this router.

Have you successfully connected to your server from the PC you are running it on? You should be able to directly connect to it using

Looking over the pic again at the top, I’ve noticed you don’t have the Post to Internet checked, which is your likely problem.