Hot Key Script to Hide Henchman

Usually, when I press Toggle Hide, the same action is applied to my henchman. However, in the game I am playing I have to manually select Hide from the Henchman’s radial menu.

Is there a script I could link to a Hot Key that would toggle the Hide status of my henchman, or better still, toggle the Hide status for me and all my henchmen.

I do not know how to create scripts, but any help or guidance as to how I can do this will be very much appreciated.

Maybe it will work as tagbased scripting (depending on your module). The command SetActionMode should do the job.

Drop the following into the override. Ingame summon the wand “it_hide” and try it out. (1.1 KB)

If that doesn’t work, the answer probably lies in the companion’s custom OnConversation script.

I suspect there will be a line in there which tells the companion to ignore ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_TOGGLESTEALTH shouts from the PC.

Many thanks for doing this - very much appreciated. Unfortunately, it does not seem to work on my henchman or my character.

Maybe tagbased scripting isn’t active or (as proleric says) there is something weird in the on_convo script. If the module in question is available in public, name it and I can have a look.

A Harper’s Tale’ 2 - Hooknose Crag v1.10 (Overhauled)

Many thanks for your continued interest

It’s just a side thought but as you have some understanding of module internals (you did write and do maintain NIT), it might be an idea to write a program that can look through an opened in the toolset module’s internals to search for a given string such as “ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_TOGGLESTEALTH”. I am sure that others would find such a program useful, too.


Unfortunately, I have no understanding of module internals :slight_smile:

NIT only automates things I used to do manually.

If I had some API or some other mechanism to search a module, I would be very happy to try and write such a utility.

I see this module has no “standard” tagbased scripting. And it has some exhaustive individual henchman-scripting which I didn’t analyze further.

To get the rod running, it’s necessary to implant these files into the module or a saved game. (8.2 KB)

If you need further direction, don’t hesitate to ask.

Many thanks for your continued support and effort in helping me.

How would I implant the files into an existing saved game?

  1. make a backup :slight_smile:
  2. rename the *.sav to “ht2.hak” (choose a simple name…)
  3. open the hak with the tool “\nwhak.exe” (comes with the game)
  4. move the files into the opened hak (can be dragged and dropped from windows explorer or done by the import function of the menu).
  5. confirm overwriting of one file.
  6. Save the hak and rename it to the old name
  7. done

Ingame summon the rod with debug commands.

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Many thanks that worked.

I final touch would be to toggle stealth mode without having to target the henchman :slight_smile:

However, I have now finished that chapter and in the next one you can tell the henchman to remain stealthy all the time.

You efforts are really appreciated very much.

This would be only a small change but you are already at chapter 3 …

Might be worthwhile in case it can be used for another mod that has the same issue :wink: