How can I fix this texture? - shoulder 14

Hi everyone!

I don’t know if anyone has had this issue, but in my game I find that the Shoulder 14 / pmh0_shor007, specifically the shoulder on the right, has a texture issue as can be seen from the image I attached.
Does anyone know how can I fix this?
The texture is perfectly fine on the left side and on the female model, and when I look at the .plt file it looks normal.

You need 3dsMax/gMax + NWMax or Blender with NWN starter pack, select the “face” that is stretched off and use UVV Map modifier and reposition the trianle (gMax way of doing it).

And of course you need to unpack the file from game data first and possibly decompile it though gMax is usually able to open even compiled file.

Either way very tedious work especially if you are not experienced in 3D modelling. Also try Community Patch if you care about graphical issues like this (but no idea if this one was fixed in it, most likely it wasn’t).

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Thank you for the reply!
I’ll check the Community Patch, but if it doesn’t work then I might be better off looking for alternatives… I’ve never done any work on 3D modelling so this might more trouble than what it is worth.

What I meant with suggesting the Community Patch is that there are numerous issues like this, especially in tilesets, and community patch fixed them. So if you are looking for a fixes like this, it might be interesting to you even if it doesn’t include the fix for this shoulder.

Ok, I’ve unpacked shoulder 14 (shor007) from the game files, got the ASCII model through the NWNexplorer and loaded it into Gmax.

How do I do the next part about the UVV?
I’ve never worked with Gmax, so I am at a loss.

Click on “Modifier List” and select “Unwrap UVW”, then “Edit” It is very time consuming, and Gmax doesn’t make it easy but it’s worth it. You should click and drag to select a vertex (vertices might be doubled up, this selects both sides). You’re basically moving vertices around telling the texture where to go.

P.S. In order to put the image onto the model, click the balloons at the top right, and select Browse From: File System and then you can select the texture and drag it onto the model. I had to make a JPEG version and do it in black and white.

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