How can i get armor from this mod?

This mod:

I want to get this armor, but I dont know id for giveitem command. How can I find it?

Do you want it for a module you’re making or do you want it as a player in another module or on a PW or in the OC?

You could try and attach the hakpak to a new module in the toolset and there create an item with this armor…

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Or try this, NWN PACKER V2.0 | The Neverwinter Vault

Yeah, as GCoyote says, if you use NWN Packer you can grab the armor from there, if it is indeed an item already made…or you can create the armor item in the toolset with the files you find through using NWN Packer.

Thanks, but I got one strange problem. I can get all items except those with hyphens in their names (legion_centurion, legion_hastatus… legion_triarius). How can this be fixed?

uti ==> items
utc ==> creatures

Basically, legion_something are blueprints for legionary characters, so you’ll only see them if you’re looking in the creatures tab.

Go into the toolset and look at the utc legion_centurion, legion_hastatus and look at his inventory. then export the armor via the item tab. You can just copy it for npc use, as well. If you want to use the utc’s as pc’s as well, here is another good app: NWN2 LETO Updates (Feats) + MotB & SoZ Update | The Neverwinter Vault

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I have a big problem with toolset. On my Win10 computer, this program does not start (without any error). I tried solutions from the Internet avdice but it didn’t solve this problem.
I installed a virtual machine on Windows XP and installed a different iso of this game. There, this toolset started, but crashes during operation. In Windows 7, this program does not start (with an error).

Could you copy the armor from the creatures and send it here in a .uti file?

OK. Since you can’t get the toolset open, I kept this back as it is hard for some people to install, but try this: NWN2 Character Editor | The Neverwinter Vault It literally is the best tool ever made for this game with the exception of the tlk. editor. You literally can pull the characters from a save game and get the armor from their inventory. I have had problems with toolset install before on a new pc. If I find one of my old instructional url’s that i used, I will post it when I send you the armor.

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My bad, Andgalf was right and 4760, you already have it. I just looked at your packer post, Just put the folder in your override. Add the erf uti and utc files to your mod using the packer. In game hit ~ type Debugmode 1, then type the names of the uti pieces like this:

giveitem leghelm1 Just leave off the .uti (the packer wont let you copy the name, but you can copy it from the folder for the override. When you are in debug it will give it to whichever character you are controlling. Put them on that character and export them and wallah!

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What “version” of the game do you have? Do you have the old discs or the GoG version? For me, the GoG version works without problems on both my desktop computer and my laptop, and I have Win10 on both of them. I have Win10 Pro on my desktop computer and some other version of Win10 on my laptop. The only problems I had, and I think that was on the laptop, was the black screen when running the game for the first time. I found a solution online for that and after that everything has worked fine.
The toolset works on both computers.
I own the discs too, but have never tried installing the game from those on to Win10.

I have the english version of the game…Could it have something to do with that? Just speculating…

@mike07 - Eh…when trying and downloading legion I now noticed it’s just a plain zip file. If you unpack it, all the files are there. No need for NWN Packer at all. The files are all there, so you can grab them easily yourself…Ok, wait a minute, there are no UTI files there. I see now that there’s an erf here that you need to import into the toolset…I’m on it…

Here are the UTI files: (53.0 KB)

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