How can I get rid of the Darkening?

Originally this was a cheese wheel, but it evolved into something different. Now it’s a creature. But there is a dark rim around it which does not fit to it’s purpose.

I it would be a placeable, the dark rim is not there.

I toyed around with the graphics settings of the EE a bit but do not come to a solution, the rim is still there. Actually I would prefer a solution which affects this creature only.

So, how do I get rid of of it?

Here’s the 2da
appearance.2da (1.4 KB)

Another example: The creature on the left is as flat as a carpet. There is a nasty blackish shade in the center, obviously for the same reason. Of course, if it were a placeable, the shade wouldn’t be there. What causes the black thing?


Looks like it’s casting a drop shadow. In NWN2 there is a toggle to disable shadows for models, I am not sure about NWN though. I know why it’s happening, creatures and characters all have a drop shadow in NWN by default but I can’t remember if there was a way to get rid of it.

Try asking in the NWN creator’s discord: Discord

Thanks. In the model file itself, shadow is turned off (and the effect actually isn’t a real shadow). Searching for “drop shadow” in the game settings now.

Yeah, a drop shadow is a different thing to shadows. It’s that black blurred dot you are talking about. It’s a fake shadow texture that goes back to when GPUs struggled with real time shadows. There should be a setting in the game to disable them but that isn’t what you are looking for as it would disable all drop shadows. It would seem it’s connected to creature class models somewhere in the game’s scripts. It may be toggleable in your 2da.