How can I replace NWN Armours for other models? I want to "re" learn :)


It has been almost 15 years without playing NWN and recently I purchased EE and I’ve hooked again.

But I forgot everything I knew regarding modding and I want to do some basics things.

I never liked NWN Armors models, and I would like to replace them for other models I found in the vault that are more appealing to me and make more sense thematically for me.

Can someone point me in the right direction, where I can find a tutorial to override the default armors with new models?

I want to use Eurgiga’s armors to try, as an exercise.


There is a section in the Custom Content Guide that explains how armour works.

There’s a lot of detail about making your own, which you can skip.

A simple first step would be to make a small new module with armours you like.

IIRC Eurgiga’s armours are robes, which, when added to a part-based armour, change the appearance entirely while retaining the AC - nice and simple.

Modifying the OC is a long haul. You need to copy the .nwm files to your modules folder, renaming them as .mod so you can edit them in the toolset. Then you can change the armour item templates and update instances.

(I can’t remember whether item instances need updating, but I always do it for good order).

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id suggest try looking at those armors in the nwnexplorer and figuring out how the textures are applied. I learned alot just by seeing it all, and a good starting place too.

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If you’re talking of a single armor part - like a chest model, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle:

  • rename your new (part!) model to an exsisting one. (The internal naming within the model should also be changed)
  • rename the new texture (a PLT) accordingly
  • put your model and texture in the override or a HAK

If I see it right, Eurgiga’s version are all robe based, which means, you first need to create a (custom) armor in the toolset and - under Appearance - let it point to a robe model.
A robe model can replace a whole body! Easiest here would be to use a vanilla robe name and rename your model accordingly.
If you want to add new robes, they need to be added to the robe.2da.
The robe.2da also manages, which other body parts will be shown/hidden.
The robe order to choose from in the toolset is not determined by the numbering (eg. robe038), but by the AC-setting in the robe.2da (very confusing!). Eg. to make robe038, which has an AC value of 6.50, show up all the way at the beginning, give it a low AC value.

In general:
To preview/design a part in the toolset, you have to have a human model (=pmh0…/pfh0…) version of your part, because the toolset will use human base models to show the parts. So, if you want a custom armor for a male dwarf, you’d need a pmd0… version, so you’ll see it equipped on a dwarf model and a pmh0… version, so you can make it available as an item and design it (eg. colors) in the toolset.
Part based models use PLTs as a texture! The PLT must have the same name as the part model!

Hi, Thanks for the answers.
I was following Proleric advice in the meantime, some things are coming back regarding the toolset, and I’m reading the tutorial ‘‘Custom Content Guide’’.

I just to create a simple override for the Armors, but it is not so easy as it looks.


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Hi guy,

First, thanks for your help, I managed to make it work, but not exactly as I wanted.
Here is the link to the follow up to this post if you can help me and see my advance in this personal project.