How creating new custom characters?

I want to create my characters (new characters)
i can create a character model and

1.what to do to bones worked and animations are standard?
how to make rigging and skinning?
i use blender

  1. How to set up a character for the game?
    (so that I could choose as a (example) monster
    and (animation plays) (moves, attacks, etc.)

3.How import, modify and export animation?

Please advise me what to do?
(Any tutorial or advice?)

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

It’s complicated to answer all your questions in detail. To guide you a little:

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To start you could try searching from the vault front page for these keywords: nwn2 tutorial rigging

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In case you didn’t know, the Vault is here -
And you can search the old forum archive here -

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Thanks a lot!
Respected FreshLook
I exported the model(Aldanon file MDB )
using Blender MDB Import/Export Plugin
but no bones and no animation.
with any model I get the same result.
Or the bones are invisible
what am I doing wrong?
I can send an example file

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

FreshLook thanks again!

Thanks a lot!
Respected rjshae
Respected GCoyote
I mean custom skin like cs go
that’s what i mean

that’s what i found recently

(can be placed on a page so that those who have a similar question find the answer)

but i use Blender
how to get same result?

I will try this guide
if i get the result i will write

rjshae thanks again!
GCoyote thanks again!

I don’t know much about the Blender MDB Import/Export Plugin but I think it doesn’t support skeletons for all for models. Maybe test with P_HHM_CL_Body01.MDB.

The Blender Plugin doesn’t support animations at all. You would have to use my tool for animations.

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Thank you for help!
I didn’t know Blender Plugin that does not support
FreshLook thanks again!

The Blender plugin relies on a template Blender file for inserting the humanoid skeletons. Presumably you could add even more skeletons to the template file, but what’s the point when you have FL’s utility instead? Plus the Blender plug-in has some issues with mesh seams. The plugin’s been useful for a long time, but I think it’s well overdue for a better replacement.

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Thanks a lot!
Respected FreshLook
how use this program?
i don’t understand

i place to folder(with model mdl) file nw2fbx-dragdrop
and use nw2fbx-dragdrop file
result just log file
whats wrong?
i try use nw2fbx exe
not work

Cannot find a NWN2 installation directory. Edit the config.yml file and put the directory where NWN2 is installed.

i write in log file and put
D:\Neverwinter Nights 2 Gold(i write )
but not work

file with model

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

You have to edit the config.yml file and put the directory where NWN2 is installed. I think this is what you need:

# (Optional) Directory where NWN2 is installed.
nwn2_home: D:\Neverwinter Nights 2 Gold

Note that you need to remove the hashtag (#) at the start of the second line.

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Respected FreshLook

I already did it
Unfortunately not working
May Be due to the fact that the game was not correctly installed for the last time(bad dvd drive)
it seems I can not use for some reason
It looks like I’ll have to ask someone to send me some files.
and then convert back
because it doesn’t work for me

Thank you anyway.