How do I activate a custom visual effect from visualeffects.2da with the EffectVisualEffect() command?

I created my own effect based on the original one and added it to the 2da visualeffects table.2da, all files added to your hak archive of the module. But in the script editor, the new visual effect constant did not appear in the list! When I try to force the name of a new effect into the EffectVisualEffect () command, the editor doesn’t want to compile my script, referring to the error “Variable is defined without type”. How can this be resolved? How do I make it possible to use custom effects? Thanks!

Daz Today, at 14: 58

You can just use the row number
EffectVisualEffect(674) etc
or you can add const int MY_EFFECT_CONSTANT = 674; to the top of your script