How do I create an placeable with my own animation?

Hi guys, I created a cat model, and I want to add a new object with a simple looped animation. How do I do this? Any lessons on this topic? Is it even possible to create a model with custom animation?

Which animation category should I choose?

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Is it even possible to do this? :slightly_smiling_face:

The Custom Content Guide discusses animations in depth in the section on creatures. There is also a brief section called Placeable Items which provides the additional information you need for placeable animations.

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What is this guide, what is it called, and where can I find it? Thanks!

@Victorixxx, @Proleric just told you the name of it, just didn’t link to it. Custom Content Guide v3.0. Hint, that is what the search box on the top left of every page of the main site is for. That is what I used and it was top of the results list.


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I read what is written in this tutorial on creating a new 3D model, but I did not understand what I need to do to apply it to the placeable object, in the lesson I wrote an example for the creature model. Help me find out what part of this lesson applies to the placeable object. What categories of animations can I use so that it just works in the game, so that I put this cat in and it just endlessly licked its paw. Thanks!

Did you read the section “Placeable Items”?

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@Victorixxx There’s a section in the Custom Content Guide v3.0 about this :
“Other Tutorials” -> “Placeable Items” Has all the info you need I think.


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OK, there are categories of animations that can work with a Placeable object. But that’s all! There is a link to a long-dead resource. I don’t know what dummy objects need to be created in the model and what connections to make so that the animation I set for the objects is saved correctly after export. What names do I need to set for model objects in order for everything to work correctly? It is not written. Where can I read about it?

There is some info here.

If that’s insufficient, perhaps examining some existing placeable models with open/close and activate/deactivate animations would help.

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