How do I Make Some Undead Immune to Turning?

What I am wanting to do is to make one type of undead totally immune to all effects of turning. I am probably going blind but I can’t see anything that would be useful in the lexicon or other sources. This is for a module that is for all EE users and doesn’t use the community patch. So does anyone know how to do this please?


The spellscript for Turn Undead looks to be nw_s2_turndead. Putting a local variable check into the while loop to skip monsters flagged to be unaffected should do it.


thats a little too complicated, unless you mean you want the generic vanilla base undead to be immune. Just make an undead but set its race type to something not undead.


This is good suggestion. But it depends what exactly you want to accomplish TR. If you want to still keep their usual undead traits like positive/negative damage then the racial type must stay undead.

Then the only option is variable or maybe a add effect turn resistance with value 99 or something, should provide the same result unless there is some cap on highest value possible.

undead use properties like positive negative damage applied to them through a hide skin, that would also be an easy matter of creating a custom hide skin for the undead to utilize their undead properties and still keep it as a non undead racial type. Of course i can’t speak for TR as we havent really heard whether if that is the intention or not, but that is how i would go about doing it without it being too complicated.

You are wrong. The positive/negative trait is softcoded inside spellscripts directly on undead race, therefore changing race from undead to anything else will make this trait nonfunctional.

Am I missing something about modifying default spellscripts that makes it more complicated than I think it is? :thinking: Adding a

!GetLocalInt(oTarget, "IMMUNE_TO_TURN_UNDEAD")

… condition *within the while loop should be pretty straightforward.


Can’t you just make a non-undead with the immunities of an undead and the skin/aspect of an undead?
You could also modify the healing spells to damage it instead, with an exception in the spellscripts (like a tag based exception)

Lets not make it more complicated than it needs to be. The first solution that TheBarbarian suggested consist of adding a variable on NPC you want to be immune and to modify single script for Turn Undead ability. Your suggestion would require to modify about 30 spellscripts to work properly.

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Thanks for the advice guys. I was actually going to do this for the simplest, most common undead - skeletons and zombies in particular so there are no special abilities to worry about unless I add them myself.


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Um, all undeads have the positive/negative damage trait (healing from negative damage from spells and being hurt by positive damage from spells)no matter how strong they are. As long as you want to preserve this you need to keep them under undead racial type.


they really dont have these negative/positive properties softcoded into them but okay :joy: the easiest solution is just to make a custom creature with an appearance like an undead then create a hide it takes at the most 2 minutes. i do it all the time for my server’s

Yeah, they really do. The spell scripts all use RACIAL_TYPE_UNDEAD to determine if harm should heal etc. This is not done by the properties on skin.


Not being awkward but, surely undead that cannot be turned is an oxymoron?

IIRC in 1st. ed. AD&D both Liches and Vampires were immune to turning. So no, it is not an oxymoron.

Also I just noticed you have made this thread arise from the dead…


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Apparently, in 1st. ed. AD&D both Liches and Vampires were immune to turning.
Now I know why it doesn’t work on them when I try it. What’s the rationale?

That they’re too powerful?

AFAIK (without digging through the D&D books) It’s mainly their intelligence.


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