How do I put a mod on here?

I just tried to find my mod Bad Habits on the Nexus and got fed up with adverts and some agree to cookie box thing so how could I put it here ? Although I find it amusing that Amazon must now think I’ve got some crazy hat obsession because my daughter and I were looking at some for fun I just wanted to get to my mod, not look at hats that I never intended buying in the first place !

I’ve also looked at my mods and can’t see an edit thing either so what do you do to upload or edit ?

Vault main page (not the forum one), left navigation panel : Contribute/Project. Then fill the form and upload the relevant files.

You may click on To Main Page on top of this page.

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Thank you, I’ll have to find the files now or download my own mod ! I’ll also see if I can do some copy and pasting from the Nexus to notepad and then here for the description etc.

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Don’t forget to use the “first time” checkbox so that it appears on the front page too.


I suppose it is the first time here, but it’s an old mod.

I’m going to have to download it as I’m not sure if I have the final version on my “safety” external hard drive !

When I tried earlier the Nexus seized up !

It was an internet explorer thing and I got it by using firefox.

One last question… How big can I make the files now as all mine are about 200gb compressed ? Can I go bigger and make it two 400s or is it safer/better with the four 200s ?

Forget about my last question I got scared moving the files and don’t want to do something wrong and wreck the game !

Well done to whoever sorted out this website :grinning:

Uploading my mod was easy, fast and painless so give yourselves a big pat on the back !

“Thanks to all the helpful people on the Bioware NWN2forums for always coming to my rescue …”

Bioware NWN2forums… the good ol’ days…




Axe_Edge… on my first mod I went through all my posts and wrote down who helped me and listed them on the mod and it’s now like a who’s who of where are they now and seems so long ago. But some of us still live on.

I suppose it is quite a long time ago and my toolset days would’ve started about a year after NWN2 came out on a day when I didn’t know what to do and made a village. Then I didn’t know how to delete things so I dug a big hole on the edge of the screen and moved unwanted placeables to it and caused an environmental disaster.

Not long after was my first ever plea for help on the old forums which guided me to the delete button… Who’d have thought that would work !